How to make your data generate value in Authmen Network?

Through TEE technology, the operating environment of Authmen network realizes the verification and protection of the whole life cycle. Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) — in today’s society is actually very common.

The execution of commands in Through TEE technology, the operating environment of Authmen network realizes the verification and protection of the whole life cycle. Trusted execution environment (TEE) — in today’s society is actually very common. The execution of commands in TEE will not be tampered by external software and operating system, and can only output analysis results simply. At present, the technology has been widely used in fingerprint unlocking and face unlocking of mobile phones: after inputting the fingerprint information, the mobile phone will send it to the mobile phone TEE for verification. If the information compared with the mobile phone TEE is consistent, the mobile phone can be unlocked by outputting the “unlocking” instruction.

This is equivalent to the black box of the collection and analysis process in the traditional process, and since the collection and processing of source data is inevitable, it is better to let the absolutely reliable, unknown and non-interference third party handle it, which also ensures the fairness and credibility of all people (source data side and demand side) from the result.
However, although TEE alone is confidential, information cannot be circulated. For example, how to analyze the sex ratio of fingerprints without collecting and saving everyone’s fingerprints?

Therefore, we need a network that can connect multiple source data providers and send “fingerprint information collection” to all people to obtain their consent and fingerprint information. Different from the traditional centralized analysis, the analysis will be directly completed and output on the device of the source data provider. Authmen Network can only receive the feedback of TEE instead of receiving anyone’s fingerprint information.

According to the classic “mining” logic of “providing your own resources in exchange for token rewards” in the traditional PoS network, it can be said that in the “mining” network of Authmen, you can become a data and computing miner at the same time. People can rent data to get income, or they can become the smallest computing unit, access to the Authmen network, and contribute to the whole computing power building.

Every new miner is a node that can operate in parallel. Therefore, with the increase of the number of miners, the network performance of Authmen will achieve exponential growth.

According to the traditional logic, once the data is collected, it means the transfer of data sovereignty. In other words, in traditional applications, once we agree to a so-called privacy protection clause, whether it is our own information or the information generated by us, it will be collected, analyzed, shared, and transmitted to the use beyond our control and the third party. There is only one way to control it, that is, to unload it. However, it means to leave this era. The Internet era has forced users to “agree” or even “get used to” submitting their means of production voluntarily.

Now we have a new choice. Using TEE network and decentralized storage network technology, the process of “acquisition” and “transmission” is limited and controlled. Different from the traditional paradigm, in the decentralized data analysis platform of Authmen, Authmen does not control user data, but uploads and stores it to a decentralized storage network. Every collection and use needs your consent, and you will benefit from it.

Specifically, the flow of data in the Authmen network is divided into three parts: collection, hosting and trading. In the collection phase, the user uploads and stores the data to the decentralized storage service, and the whole process is encrypted end-to-end. When the data is located on the Authmen network, users can manage, authorize and delete the data through the confidentiality contract. Authmen will also provide a trading market where users can make a profit by collecting their own data.

For example, user health data analysis. Work and rest, diet, habits and other user privacy health information, if agreed to be analyzed, will be encrypted and uploaded to the distributed storage network, and then calculated through the privacy computing network, and finally output the results. The demander will pay auth as the reward for using network resources and source data, while auth will pay the user who provides source data auth as the reward for providing data, and the miner will get auth as the reward for providing computing power. In this way, you can get long-term benefits in Authmen, whether you are a data miner or a power miner.

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