Authmen: NFT + DeFi, make AUTH more valuable

Authmen NFT mining is a liquidity mining form combining NFT and DeFi. Authmen NFTs can be used to mine, exchange storage space, trade or pledge loan. Each different level of Authmen NFTs represents different mining capacity (computing power) and storage capacity. Authmen users can obtain higher-level Authmen NFTs by consuming auth and low-level NFTs, so as to improve their mining return.

The biggest difference between Authmen and other NFT projects is that Authmen can quickly attract users by combining the elements of DeFi and adding usage scenarios to NFT, such as exchanging storage space. The problem with most NFT now is that there are no use scenarios. For example, NFT’s phenomenal product, CryptoKitty, has been popular for a period of time ,but it is not sustainable. At the same time, the number of CryptoKitty is constantly increasing, leading to NFT devaluation, which further reduces the enthusiasm of users to participate.

By combining with the mining elements of DeFi, Authmen not only provides mining scenarios for Authmen NFTs, but also helps Authmen project achieve rapid user growth in the early stage through this function. More Authmen derivatives based on Authmen NFTs are also under development. We believe that these derivatives can better enhance users’ stickiness to Authmen and bring more benefits to users.

The types of Authmen NFTs and how to obtain them are as follows:

How to obtain AUTH:
1. Pre sale round: 400000 (completed);
2. Swap through Uniswap;
3. Mining through Authmen NFTs ( open soon).

AUTH is an asset closely bound to Authmen NFTs and forms a close loop.
The higher the level of Authmen NFTs held, the faster AUTH mining speed will be. Upgrading Authmen NFTs requires AUTH consumption. And the total amount of AUTH is fixed. Through the design of mining mechanism, the consumption and use scenarios of AUTH make auth form a deflationary mode. With the continuous expansion of Authmen community, the demand of AUTH will rise exponentially, leaving investors with greater asset appreciation space.

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