Authmen Bounce Finance Fixed Swap Auction Will Start on Dec 18th

Authmen is about to launch on Bounce Finance( platform to get the fixed swap auction on Dec. 18th 16:00 pm CET.

Authmen will allocate 500000 AUTH for swap auction. The initial swap ratio is 1 AUTH = 1.2 USDT (we will update ratio in ETH before auction) . In addition, all unsold tokens from the auction will be burnt. When we provide liquidity after Bounce sale, we will burn the Uniswap pool LP tokens to ensure forever token lockup.

How to participate in Auth Token Sale

Warnings: Bounce is a decentralized auction platform. There might be some malicious pools created with bad intention. Please verify three things below before you make an transactions:

1. Token Contract address: 0x89aeca7d3cc04f50e9d2bb635ad84fe8f7e77a9d

2. Pool ID

3. Pool Name

We will release information when we have successfully create the Bounce Auction. Please keep updated from our telegram group, announcement channel and twitter. We are not responsible for loss of fund for fraud activities.

There are two ways you can join Bounce Auction:

Way One instruction:

1. Go to and click “Application” in the navigator on the top of the website.

2. Select token sale and make sure your pool type is fixed swap auction in the search bar.

3. Find Authmen pool based on pool information we will send to the announcement channel. You can find correct pool based on the identical pool ID.

4. Click to join and you will be direct to the auction page.

5. Double check token contract address and swap ratio.

6. Enter your bid amount in ETH and click the “Go” button.

7. Confirm transaction in the wallet and authorize the transaction.

8. You will successfully get the tokens into your wallet automatically.

For more information, read

Way two intrstruction:

We will be sending an unique pool page url in the group. Participants can access the pool directly through the URL.

For more infomation about Authmen, please check:

Telegram Community:

Official website:






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